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Lucy Meets The Queen
Filmed December 15, 1955

Try as you might to understand Ricky's explanation of British currency, Lucy can't make sense of pounds and pence. "No wonder the people left here to go to America," she remarks. While at the Palace, Lucy and Ethel do their best to loosen up a stoic palace guard, but to no avail. Despite Lucy's jokes, the guard won't crack a smile! Discovering that Ricky will be presented to the Queen after his performance (and that only performers will receive a royal audience), Lucy naturally decides to join the show.  She prepares to meet the Queen by working on her curtsies, but overpracticing cramps her style - and her knee. She recovers in time to be a part of the circus-themed show, and she's a hit as a dancer until she goes too far. Unable to properly bow, Lucy is crestfallen about losing her chance to meet the Queen. But Ricky soon raises her spirits- Her Majesty can't wait to meet the girl who did the hilariously comic dance routine.

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